Onions | 22 Nov 2022
Irati onion has the bit between its teeth in Zimbabwe
With Irati’s huge potential yields, limiting factors will not be in the growing but in the harvesting, storage and marketing of the crop.  Read More
Onions | 15 Nov 2022
Quality onions for the local market all year round: challenges and opportunities for Zambian farmers
The traditional onion planting season in Zambia for commercial hybrids is between the end of February and the end of March, although we do see earlier and later planti... Read More
Onions | 15 Aug 2022
Onion Dominator popular in Loitokitok, Kenya
Dominator has become very popular owing to its higher resistance to purple blotch which is a very common onion disease in Loitokitok. Read More
Onions | 8 Aug 2022
Onion Yakuti making an impact in Pandamatenga
Farmer Louis Mulder of Pandamenga, Botswana, was allotted 250 000 onion Yakuti seeds as a trial and planted them on 15 June 2021. Read More
Onions | 2 Aug 2022
Botswana: proprietary onion varieties continue to excel
At Silver Horizons in Botswana’s Ghanzi District, Irati has been planted over the past few seasons with great success. Read More
Onions | 25 Jul 2022
Onion Veronica is a competitive product in Namibian sellers' market
Veronica was planted in northeastern Namibia (approximately 30km from Grootfontein) alongside other Starke Ayres and opposition varieties on 2 March 2021. Read More
Onions | 19 Jul 2022
Good yields achieved with onion Askari in Namibia
Starke Ayres’ Onion Askari was planted in many parts of Namibia the past season among other Starke Ayres and opposition varieties. Read More
Onions | 16 May 2022
Proprietary onions for the South African market - Northern Cape and Free State
The proprietary onion range has also been widely tested in the central production regions recently. Read More
Onions | 10 May 2022
Proprietary onions for the South African market - Brits
In the Brits area of the North West province, Kitara and Tusker have been extensively trialled. Read More
Onions | 4 May 2022
Proprietary onions for the South African market: Western Bosveld
Over recent seasons, growers in the Western Bosveld region of Limpopo have been introduced to some of the new proprietary onion varieties from the Starke Ayres onion breeding pr... Read More
Onions | 25 Apr 2022
Starke Ayres Onions: Power in Proprietaries
The launch of the Starke Ayres proprietary onion range in South Africa has been long-awaited and justifiably so. Read More
Onions | 14 Apr 2021
Excellent year for Starke Ayres main season onions in the Bosveld
The 2020 onion season in the Western Bosveld region of Limpopo saw some exceptionally good results from STARKE AYRES onion varieties. Relatively few problems were experienced an... Read More
Onions | 3 Mar 2021
Onion Irati continues making waves in Zimbabwe
Following Ross Bingley’s achievement of 110 tonnes/ha comes a report from Gweru in the Zimbabwe Midlands that literally made waves in the Bulawayo Chronicle. Read More