Zimbabwe | 22 Feb 2023
STAR 9009 tomato: the green machine
The Green Machine roars on. This time it enabled farmer Bright Masigo, of Range Junita Farm near Gweru, to buy another machine: a dark blue Nissan Sylphy. Read More
Tomato | 16 Feb 2023
The 'game changers' for tomato growers in Kenya: new hybrids from Starke Ayres
Tomato farmers in Kenya have periodically experienced losses due to tomato spotted wilt virus and tomato yellow leaf curl virus. Read More
Tomato | 14 Feb 2023
Renka, a perfect fit for Namibian tomato growers
Renka has shown its ability to be one of the best indeterminate round tomatoes in Namibia. Read More
Tomato | 17 Jan 2023
New tomato Tabitha* - fruit set, when you need it most
Tomato Tabitha (BR 5911) F1 hybrid is a new indeterminate, round tomato variety that has done very well in open-field production trials on the West Coast of the Western Cape. Read More
Tomato | 14 Dec 2022
Tuta Absoluta undermines tomato production
Tuta absoluta, the tomato leafminer moth, has become an increasingly important pest in South Africa since 2016, undermining tomato production. Farmers have suffered ser... Read More
Tomato | 20 Jun 2022
Tinyoni Farm Produce
Tomato and green pepper farming Sidvokodvo, Eswatini Read More
Tomato | 7 Jun 2022
Blye tomato is still a winner in Pongola
Esuan Hӧll and his son, Rocco, have been planting tomatoes in Pongola, KwaZulu-Natal, for the past 30 years, and for the past five years they have planted Blye tomatoes. Read More
Tomato | 8 Dec 2021
Climatic requirements for effective tomato growing
Temperature and available light are two of the most important factors when determining planting times. The following information is intended to help growers make correct decisio... Read More
Tomato | 25 Aug 2021
Miyon doing well in the Bosveld
Jaco Wagner from XDSL Trading was extremely happy with the MIYON he planted. Read More
Tomato | 26 May 2021
RENKA: Performance all the way to the top
RENKA is a new indeterminate hybrid, round tomato that performs very well under covered production systems on the Cape West Coast, as well as across South Africa. Read More