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Zambia | 20 December 2023
ARATIS Project shows results in Zambia
The ARATIS (Accelerated Rural Access To Improved Seed) project aims to provide small-scale farmers with the knowledge and skills to produce hybrid vegetable crops successfully. Read More on this
Onions | 22 November 2023
Pros and cons of onion production in Zambia
Onions are essential in countless kitchens worldwide, and many Zambian growers consider planting the crop. As with any agricultural activity, onion production has its pros and c... Read More on this
Zambia | 5 September 2023
Shiba F1 Butternut: A profitable and healthy crop for Central Province, Zambia
Any grower looking for a profitable and nutritious crop for the upcoming season needs to look no further than Shiba F1 hybrid butternut squash. This crop is relatively easy to m... Read More on this
Zambia | 1 June 2023
A tale of Starke Ayres excellence at the 28th Jinja National Agricultural Show
After two years of Covid-19 around the world and several months of restricted movements and lockdowns in Uganda, farming communities were elated to attend the National Agricultu... Read More on this
Onions | 15 November 2022
Quality onions for the local market all year round: challenges and opportunities for Zambian farmers
The traditional onion planting season in Zambia for commercial hybrids is between the end of February and the end of March, although we do see earlier and later planti... Read More on this
Butternut | 13 September 2022
Butternut Carmela scores a massive plus in Southern Province, Zambia
The butternut hybrid Carmela has impressed small-scale farmers in the Monze district of Southern Province, an area selected as part of Starke Ayres Zambia’s pilot project to acc... Read More on this
Zambia | 22 December 2021
Starke Ayres hybrids penetrate small-scale markets in Zambia's Southern Province
A key strategic growth pillar for STARKE AYRES Zambia has been to educate small-scale farmers on the benefits of transitioning from growing open-pollinated vegetable seed variet... Read More on this