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Namibia | 30 August 2023
Starke Ayres Namibia hosts Farmers’ Information Day
The north of Namibia is a vast, dry region, but it is also home to a group of dedicated vegetable producers. Starke Ayres has a strong interest in the area and hosted an informa... Read More on this
Tomato | 14 February 2023
Renka, a perfect fit for Namibian tomato growers
Renka has shown its ability to be one of the best indeterminate round tomatoes in Namibia. Read More on this
Onions | 25 July 2022
Onion Veronica is a competitive product in Namibian sellers' market
Veronica was planted in northeastern Namibia (approximately 30km from Grootfontein) alongside other Starke Ayres and opposition varieties on 2 March 2021. Read More on this
Onions | 19 July 2022
Good yields achieved with onion Askari in Namibia
Starke Ayres’ Onion Askari was planted in many parts of Namibia the past season among other Starke Ayres and opposition varieties. Read More on this