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Little Finger

Oriental eggplant with attractive glossy cylindrically-shaped fruits.

• Spineless calyx help with the ease of picking and packing
• Highly adaptable for year round production
• Unique light purple coloured fruit
• Sets in clusters


Oriental eggplant for the fresh market suited to production in open field or under protection.


Early maturing, approximately 60 - 65 days to first pick after transplanting in summer. The period to first pick can vary considerably between warm and cool season plantings.

Plant Characteristics:

LITTLE FINGER is a medium, vigorous and productive plant .It has easy fruit setting during the life cycle. Plant height varies between 100 - 140 cm.

Fruit Characteristics:

LITTLE FINGER has very high quality glossy cylindrical shape fruits with an average length of 5 - 15cm. The plant has a spineless calyx and sets in clusters of 3 - 6 fruits helping with the ease of picking.

Plant Population:

LITTLE FINGER can be grown under open field or protected systems at populations of up to 120,000 plants/ha. Plant population will greatly influence fruit size with lower populations giving larger fruit. The fruit size required has to be carefully considered before deciding on planting density. For greenhouse production plants might need trellising.

Growing Guidelines:

Eggplants prefer well drained loam to sandy loam soils, but perform well in different soil types. Soil PH: (H2O) - 5,5 - 6,8. The following program can be used as a nutrient guideline: (please note that a soil analysis should be taken into account).
Total Requirement kg/ha: (pure element)
N: 130 - 140kg/ha (45% applied at pre plant and the difference in 2-3 top dressings)
P: 60 - 95kg/ha (all pre plant)
K: 60 - 80kg/ha (all pre plant)

Climate Requirements:

Eggplants are sensitive to frost, and require a long, warm to hot growing season for best results. Optimum growth and production is obtained with mean daily temperatures between 21°C and 29°C. At temperatures above 35°C, flowers may be shed. Growth, yield and fruit quality tend to decrease at mean temperatures below 18°C. When eggplants are grown in winter and early spring in frost-free areas, a dark discolouration of the flesh may occur and the skin colour may not develop well.

Features & Benefits:

Because of its spineless calyx and fruit setting in clusters, LITTLE FINGER offers the eggplant grower the advantage of ease of picking and packing. The variety is highly sought after in speciality markets because of is attractive shape, size and colour. The variety is mainly used in curries, stews and as a pickling variety.