Allyance*: The all new carrot variety

Allyance*: The all new carrot variety
Allyance*: The all new carrot variety

Starke Ayres always strives to search for new genetics in order to offer producers the best quality and top-producing varieties to compete at a world-class standard. Allyance, the all-new carrot variety, is an excellent example of that.

Allyance was trialled and tested for 3 years at different locations, time-slots and conditions all over South Africa as well as in parts of Botswana. Allyance proved to be a stable, reliable carrot variety and always a top performer when tested against the standards.

Allyance ticked all the boxes that will ensure high yield and top quality carrots from the core right through to the leaves.

Allyance is packed with the following features:

High level of disease resistance as illustrated. The leaves were still strong and healthy under severe wet conditions with rainfall figures of 600 to 750 mm with high humidity in some of the areas during the last 2 seasons.

Very smooth, uniform, attractive carrot with shallow lenticels and no green shoulders.

A high yield of up to 19,8 tons is better than the standard right next to it. In Vaalwater area the yield was up to 130 tons per ha.

Excellent internal quality with a small, dark orange coloured core and good taste, suitable for the fresh market as well as for processing.

Fantastic field holding ability of up to 23 weeks, and it still came out perfect with great quality inside and out.

Flexible for various sowing and harvesting periods due to high disease resistance levels (Tested from September to the middle of April).

High resistance to Alternaria, Cercospora Carotae, Cavity spot and bolting.

Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.

Allyance 1
Allyance 2
Allyance 3

Alternaria resistance of the standard variety (front) and Allyance (back)

Allyance 4