Carrot Allyance* in the Western Cape

Carrot Allyance* in the Western Cape
Carrot Allyance* in the Western Cape

The new carrot variety Allyance is an early maturing Nantes type carrot with outstanding disease resistance, excellent uniformity, refined appearance, and very high yield.

During the past 2 years Allyance was trialled in the Koue Bokkeveld and Sandveld areas of the Western Cape. These trials at Gousblom Farming (Sandveld) and Môrester Estate (Koue Bokkeveld) were extremely promising and lead to the planting of commercial crops during the current summer.

Allyance is fast maturing and can be harvested from 95 days in summer to 120 days in winter crops. Allyance has resistance to Powdery Mildew, Alternaria leaf spot, Cercospora leaf spot, as well as Cavity spot. A further advantage is its good tolerance to summer bolting as well as good field storability. The variety has strong foliage for easy mechanical harvesting and can produce excellent yield (well above 100 tons per ha).

Roots of Allyance are cylindrical and uniform in shape and size, with smooth surface and well-rounded tips. The attractive external appearance is complemented by excellent internal and external colour and make Allyance suitable for pre-pack, fresh market, as well as processing. Average root length varies between 17cm and 19cm, and between 3cm and 3.5cm in diameter.

Allyance can be sown most of the year in the Western Cape, depending on preferred harvesting periods;

For the West Coast area, the ideal planting time is from August to April.

For the Koue Bokkeveld area, the ideal planting time is from August to February.

Allyance is building a reputation as an early, uniform, high quality and high yielding carrot with good disease resistance, and growers are excited about the future of this variety.

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Smooth, uniform and deep orange Allyance roots.

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Healthy foliage of Allyance.