Exciting climbing bean varieties coming soon!

Exciting climbing bean varieties coming soon!
Exciting climbing bean varieties coming soon!

Starke Ayres offers a wide range of green beans ideal for various applications. The varieties are selected on merit for their disease tolerance, strong plant habits and high yielding potential. And meeting the quality expectations of growers and consumers are naturally very important.

Beans 1

CG Smit (regional sales manager) and Neil van Wyk (sales representative) evaluating the new climbing bean varieties.

Beans 2

Typical pod quality of one of the new experimental varieties. (Exp 3227 in picture)

Development has been under way for the past 10 years on a number of new climbing beans to identify varieties that can compete with the best in the market. The emphasis was on selecting those with good yielding abilities, pod size and quality. By adhering to strict criteria and only selecting from the best genetics available, steady progress was made.

After countless different crosses, selections and eliminations, the varieties were narrowed down to the final three. Determination and hard work has paid off: Starke Ayres is on the verge of introducing a new climbing bean to take the market by storm!

The three selected experimental varieties all show good yielding abilities with excellent pod quality and colour. Average pod length ranges from 14cm to 17cm, and pod diameters between 7mm and 9mm. In recent trials with growers, the various varieties were tested under commercial conditions to determine suitability, yield and adaptability. Feedback was positive and everyone wants to know when they can get commercial seed.

Beans 3

Straight pods with good colour and small seed development. (Exp 3229 in picture)

Beans 4

Typical plants of the new experimental climbing beans with great leaf cover.

The answer to this is: soon! Limited amounts of experimental seed are currently being produced by Starke Ayres for distribution nationally and internationally with the ultimate goal of identifying the single variety best-suited for commercial sales.

Contact your local Starke Ayres representative if you are interested in trialling the new climbing beans on a commercial scale. Initial seed will be limited – don’t miss the opportunity to see how the new varieties perform on your farm.