Good, better, BRILLYANCE

Good, better, BRILLYANCE
Good, better, BRILLYANCE

The newly introduced Nantes-type hybrid carrot BRILLYANCE offers a unique combination of summer bolting tolerance, strong disease resistance, long root length and attractive appearance.

BRILLYANCE is a multipurpose carrot variety that produces long, cylindrical roots with very smooth surface and rounded tips. The attractive bright orange colour is complemented by an inconspicuous core and sweet taste. In addition to very high yield, BRILLYANCE stands out for its length, uniformity, flavour, colour, and smooth, attractive appearance.

As the roots of BRILLYANCE are not prone to green shoulders it adds to achieving the ideal appearance for pre-packing, while the strong foliage attachment makes it also very suitable for bunching.

BRILLYANCE also features strong resistance to various diseases, which offers the grower peace of mind. This includes High Resistance to Alternaria leaf blight (Ad), Cercospora leaf blight (Cc), Powdery Mildew (Eh) and Cavity spot (Pythium spp.).

Over the past season BRILLYANCE proved to be a very high yielding and dependable carrot variety for the Western Cape, with growing popularity for early to late summer production.


Exceptionally healthy BRILLYANCE plants.


Very uniform, well-coloured and cylindrical BRILLYANCE roots.