Introducing Vernalia: Your Winter Crisp Head Lettuce Solution

Winter's grip on fresh produce is about to change with the arrival of Vernalia, a remarkable new crisp-head lettuce variety. Specifically selected for the colder months, Vernalia boasts a set of outstanding features that redefine the standards for winter production.

Vernalia is characterised by its large frame, ideal pre-packing shape and reduced ribbing. These features ensure a visually appealing product and optimal protection from the elements. It is a perfect choice for both loose- and pre-packing markets.

One of Vernalia's most impressive qualities is its’ robustness. With a strong tolerance to bolting, Vernalia maintains its’ quality even as temperatures fluctuate. This ensures an extended harvest window with consistent quality throughout.

Vernalia combines this robustness with high resistance to mildew, Bremia (Bl: 16-33 EU), and to currant-lettuce aphid Nasonovia Ribsinigri (Nr:0). Intermediate resistance to Lettuce Mosaic Virus (LMV:1) is also a feature. Even though Vernalia does not claim resistance to big vein virus, during trials it has shown better resistance than existing commercial standards.

Vernalia’s excellence is not limited to appearances. Internally, it shows superb quality, presenting a crisp texture with beautiful layering and a fresh, sweet taste. This compliments the vibrant dark green external colour, setting it apart from its competitors.

The introduction of Vernalia marks a significant stride in ensuring fresh produce even in the coldest months. Contact customer service or your local sales representative for more information on integrating Vernalia into your winter programme.

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