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The new carrot variety Orchestro will definitely sound like music to all carrot growers. Starke Ayres has once again identified a new carrot variety with the potential to produce top-quality carrots in a very competitive market. Orchestro is bred and supplied by Vilmorin Mikado, a company with a worldwide reputation as a top vegetable breeder and trusted supplier.

Orchestro gives improvements over current standards in high yields of great quality and outstanding uniformity. Roots are smooth and attractive, well rounded off and show deep orange colour both externally and internally. Quality, shape, appearance, and uniformity are perfect for pre-packs as well as bulk bags.

Orchestro features strong, well-attached leaves with a dark green colour. These stand out against standard competitive varieties. It has strong Alternaria resistance that remains effective even in conditions of high rainfall and humidity. Resistance against certain strains of nematodes is also claimed by the breeders.

Orchestro has been tested under various conditions and in various localities in South Africa. It is presently recommended for sowing in the main season from September to end of February. Limited seed for semi-commercial plantings will be available from September. The seed for commercial plantings can be expected from September 2024 or, hopefully earlier. Starke Ayres is proud to include "Orchestro" as part of our high-performance carrot range.

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