New bunching onion variety Velocity promises good returns

Starke Ayres has released Velocity, a new bunching onion variety. Velocity has been widely trialled as OB 092 and will be familiar to some producers. It has produced good results both locally and in overseas markets and will be a valuable addition to the range on offer.

Velocity is fast to reach marketable size and does so some 7 – 10 days faster than most other bunching onion varieties. This difference becomes even more marked under cool conditions, which is a distinct advantage in winter plantings. Not only is the product ready to go to market earlier, but inputs such as irrigation and chemical control measures are reduced.

Germination and early vigour of Velocity are both excellent with seedling emergence 2 days quicker than most other varieties. This early vigour gives tall, erect, blue-green foliage. Uniform white shanks are produced with a high-percentage marketability.

Slight bulbing may be seen in plants that are left to mature fully. Good general leaf-disease resistance has been noted in production fields when compared to standard resistance. Velocity offers producers of bunching onions another option in the search for optimal returns.

Velocity 1

Bunches of Velocity.

Velocity 2

Rapid emergence of Velocity (left) compared to standard (right).