ODYSSEY becoming a market leader in the Western Cape

ODYSSEY becoming a market leader in the Western Cape
ODYSSEY becoming a market leader in the Western Cape

STARKE AYRES is known for excellent sweetcorn varieties and it was no surprise that ODYSSEY performed so well over the past two seasons in the Western Cape.

ODYSSEY was introduced recently as a new variety and has grown in popularity very quickly. While it is ideally suited for the fresh market, it can also be used very successfully for processing of fresh and frozen kernels. ODYSSEY plants are large and robust with average plant height of 2.1m and features high resistance to common rust (Ps). Its’ very cylindrical shape, excellent tip fill and golden-yellow kernel colour produces very attractive ears with excellent, sweet taste. Ear length typically ranges from 17cm to 18cm with a diameter of ±50mm, and 16 rows in the circumference of the ear. ODYSSEY is well suited to summer conditions and matures in 90 to 95 days from planting. The first and second ears tend to be ready at the same time, making harvesting easier with mostly one pick needed to complete the harvest. The plants are prolific, producing mostly two ears per plant. Wastage is also very low thanks to good tip fill, excellent uniformity and the overall quality of the ears. The good plant- and ear characteristics combined with high resistance to rust sets ODYSSEY up for a successful future and as becoming a firm favourite among sweetcorn growers.


First and second ear from an ODYSSEY plant


Prolific ODYSSEY with two ears per plant


Robust plants with cylindrical ears