Perfect pack-out with Pfeiffer

Perfect pack-out with Pfeiffer
Perfect pack-out with Pfeiffer

Farming is all about marketable fruit, you need to be able to sell what you produce. It is up to the buyer to determine the attractiveness and value of the sellable product.

In modern times the quality and appearance of a vegetable or fruit need to be such that it will sell in any and all retail stores. The consumer purchases based on appearance. The crop where this is most noticeable is green peppers. This crop is known to be difficult to yield consistently attractive and marketable fruit with changing temperatures, rain and other factors. It is not rare to see 40% or even 50% of produce discarded because of unattractive shape or size.

The simple solution is Pfeiffer. This cultivar has surpassed all expectations with regard to perfect pre-pack peppers destined for the shelves of retail outlets. The size is perfect to fit into sleeves and the plant consistently produces the size until the end. Not only does the variety come with excellent fruit quality, but the frame is also robust and leaf coverage is optimal to keep the fruit safe from sunburn.

Phillip Fourie from Buffelsdrift Citrus in Ohrigstad has recorded a pack-out percentage of 98% – straight from the field to the packhouse, no sorting was done.

Pfeiffer also comes with the best disease package one can ask for. With a combination of resistance to powdery mildew, tomato spotted wilt virus and Phytophthora. The Phytophthora resistance means that the plant will have a large and vigorous root system, perfect for sustained production when conditions become a challenge. The solution for profitable open-field pepper production is here, and here to stay.


Pfeiffer with a very attractive fruit set.