Spacedream - a new winter cauliflower

Spacedream - a new winter cauliflower
Spacedream - a new winter cauliflower

Spacedream* is the latest addition to our winter cauliflower range and has produced outstanding results when transplanted from February through to June. During the winter of 2022, it performed very well in various areas of the country, proving itself to be very adaptable and, therefore capable of reducing risk for producers.

Among the success stories was that of farmers Gerrit Bornman and Michael Jordaan of Klein Sirkel Boerdery in the Polokwane area of Limpopo, who were among the first to plant the variety on a large scale and were more than happy with the results.

Bornman was impressed with the cauliflower’s large upright frame and very good leaf cover, which ensured the whiteness of the curd. Head weight, uniformity and overall uniformity of product appearance were also strong features. He plans to use increased amounts of Spacedream in his planting programme for the 2023 winter season.

Spacedream was also successfully grown in the Kuilsriver area of the Western Cape. Boetie Kleinhans of CA Voigt Boerdery included Spacedream in a May planting. The crop was exposed to hot, dry winds with temperatures exceeding 32°C.

The Spacedream withstood these harsh conditions without the wrapper leaves opening, thus protecting the developing curds and ensuring a clean, white colour at harvest. Kleinhans noted very good plant holdability in the field and was very pleased with the quality of head produced.

Mathew le Roux of Le Roux Broers Boerdery in the Hankey area of the Eastern Cape was another of the initial growers to include significant quantities of Spacedream in their programmes. The variety again produced a very good result with exceptionally good head colour and uniformity of size. This is especially important for growers who prepack, because uniformity and a good general appearance are vital to success.Growers who have experienced the qualities of Spacedream in winter plantings intend to increase their use of the variety. Those who have not yet seen the results that Spacedream can deliver are strongly encouraged to trial it to not miss out on this significant new addition to the cauliflower market.

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