The King still produces

The King still produces
The King still produces

For the past 18 years, Manny Salgado has been planting STAR 3006 and this year was no exception. STAR 3006 again produced a good, high-quality yield.

What makes STAR 3006 so special is that it works in the diverse KwaZulu-Natal climate conditions.

Manny’s STAR 3006 was planted in mid-March and the first few weeks’ temperatures were high with a lot of rain. Winter soon came and temperatures dropped to as low as -3°C. To put the STAR 3006 to the test even further the region had thick snow in August.

STAR 3006 will mature in 105 days in summer and will go to 135 days in winter. Despite all the climate challenges, the variety still produced an excellent yield. Manny’s observation was that STAR 3006 is a robust carrot. Throughout the season it didn’t lose its big leaf cover and showed excellent resistance to Alternaria. Although conditions were very tough, the variety showed minimal bolting.

STAR 3006 did very well in the market. Customers want quality, which made the high-quality STAR 3006 a much sought after product. The variety yielded perfect pre-packs for the market and the colour of the carrots also contributes to its marketing. Feedback from market agents is that they can bank on quality when carrots come from Manny Salgado.

Manny has been farming for the past 40 years, and he has been planting carrots for 18 of those. Starke Ayres has been with him from the start.

Manny has mastered the growing of STAR 3006 and it’s an integral part of his planting. We are looking forward to seeing what wonderful yields the king of STAR 3006 is going to deliver.