Yakuti – Attractive bulbs, easy to market!

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Delity Hamapa is a seasoned farmer from Chingube village in Choma of the Southern Province of Zambia. Over the past 10 years, she has achieved consistent success with Starke Ayres products such as Red Creole, Irati and Mukuba onions, Trinity tomato and Tiger watermelon. At the start of the last onion season, she decided to test Yakuti, a new hybrid red onion variety aimed at fresh markets.

The results were spectacular! Delity described her product as having an outstanding size and shape uniformity with a bright red colour that attracts instant attention. With the proceeds from her first sales, a new drip irrigation system was installed for future plantings, and the remainder of the crop was stored for later marketing when prices were more favourable.

Marketing experience was that the appearance of the product and the taste that goes with it makes Yakuti easy to sell. The variety has had an immediate impact on the market and is preferred by both traders and customers.

Delity is a progressive farmer, always looking to improve. With her Yakuti block, raised beds were used and this led to reduced disease incidence. As a result, production increased with minimal wastage resulting in high yields of top-quality produce.

Delity was very happy with the support offered by the Starke Ayres team. “The service is excellent. Everyone cooperates & shares useful information. The regular field visits are always reassuring. I get technical advice as and when required!”

Yakuti has produced better profitability in this case, and as a result, neighbouring farmers have started actively adopting Yakuti as their red onion variety of choice. Starke Ayres would like to congratulate Delity on her achievements with Yakuti and look forward to an even closer relationship and more success in the future.

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