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Butternut | 2 April 2024
New Butternut varieties show promise for winter and early production in the Cape
The cold and wet conditions experienced this year in the Western and Northern Capes have created multiple challenges for butternut farmers relying on spring production. Read More on this
Butternut | 28 March 2024
Shiba success in the East
The Pongola area is well known for warm winter conditions and this allows production of cucurbit crops when most other areas are too cold to allow this. Local farmer Bernard Joh... Read More on this
Butternut | 6 November 2023
Melora butternut: Perfect for pre-packing
The market for medium-sized butternut fruit of high quality that can be packed into 3kg bags for supermarket sales is an important consideration for butternut growers. Read More on this
Butternut | 31 October 2023
New butternut squash varieties for the Western Cape
The Western Cape province is one of the largest butternut production areas of South Africa. The market requirements are for high-quality fruit, good storage capacity and high yi... Read More on this
Butternut | 5 October 2023
Starke Ayres Butternut Range
Read More on this
Zambia | 5 September 2023
Shiba F1 Butternut: A profitable and healthy crop for Central Province, Zambia
Any grower looking for a profitable and nutritious crop for the upcoming season needs to look no further than Shiba F1 hybrid butternut squash. This crop is relatively easy to m... Read More on this
Butternut | 26 October 2022
Melora Butternut: A perfect match for any KZN market
This season Melora – a variety perfect in size and that produces excellent yields – was planted with great success in KwaZulu-Natal. Read More on this
Butternut | 13 September 2022
Butternut Carmela scores a massive plus in Southern Province, Zambia
The butternut hybrid Carmela has impressed small-scale farmers in the Monze district of Southern Province, an area selected as part of Starke Ayres Zambia’s pilot project to acc... Read More on this
Butternut | 19 May 2021
Shiba butternut thriving
SHIBA butternut squash continues to impress. Read More on this