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Cabbage | 16 April 2024
Kilimo heads south
The hybrid cabbage Kilimo first came to prominence in East African markets and was given its Swahili name, which translates as “farming”. From these areas, it has ... Read More on this
Cabbage | 10 April 2024
Minimising bolting in cabbage
Cabbage is produced in all South African provinces and is an important crop. Some areas are climatically suited to yearround production, while others are limited to certain peri... Read More on this
Butternut | 2 April 2024
New Butternut varieties show promise for winter and early production in the Cape
The cold and wet conditions experienced this year in the Western and Northern Capes have created multiple challenges for butternut farmers relying on spring production. Read More on this
Butternut | 28 March 2024
Shiba success in the East
The Pongola area is well known for warm winter conditions and this allows production of cucurbit crops when most other areas are too cold to allow this. Local farmer Bernard Joh... Read More on this
20 March 2024
STAR 2001 Finds A Niche In Eswatini
The Starke Ayres green bean variety STAR 2054 has been the choice of many Eswatini growers for many years. It consistently delivers good yields of relatively thin, refined pods ... Read More on this
13 March 2024
Quality Assurance in Commercial Vegetable Farming: From Field to Market
Discover the journey of quality assurance in commercial vegetable farming with Starke Ayres. Elevate your farming practices with premium seeds and expert support. Read More on this
Blog | 23 February 2024
Designing a Fragrant Garden: Flowers that Delight the Senses
Create a sensory oasis with Starke Ayres' fragrant flowers. Discover expert tips for designing a garden that delights the senses and enhances your outdoor space. Read More on this
22 January 2024
Mastering the Basics: A Beginner's Guide to Vegetable Gardening at Home
Start your vegetable gardening journey with Starke Ayres. Explore our premium seeds and master the basics for a thriving home garden. Read More on this
Melon | 20 December 2023
New - First IDEAL Melons
The new IDEAL range of melons will be available to South African growers from summer 2023. This new type of melon combines superior flavour, aroma, fruit colour and freshness. T... Read More on this
Zucchini | 20 December 2023
Complementary Zucchini Varieties in the Western Cape
Starke Ayres markets a wide range of zucchini varieties that provide top-quality fruit for pre-packing and fresh-cut use. The combination of STAR 8023 and Everglade* during the ... Read More on this
Zambia | 20 December 2023
ARATIS Project shows results in Zambia
The ARATIS (Accelerated Rural Access To Improved Seed) project aims to provide small-scale farmers with the knowledge and skills to produce hybrid vegetable crops successfully. Read More on this
20 December 2023
ARATIS Project – Vegetable seedling production
The ARATIS (Accelerating Rural Access To Improved Seeds) projects’ focus on improved hybrid vegetable production depends not only on making seed available but also on creating a... Read More on this
20 December 2023
An ally in the Tuta fight
Nature is often said to provide and in the case of tomato growers, this comes in the form of bats, the only flying mammals. There are 9 species of bats found in South Africa, th... Read More on this
Blog | 14 December 2023
Cultivating Nutrient-Rich Delights: A Guide to Growing Superfoods with Starke Ayres
Elevate your health with nutrient-rich superfoods. Discover cultivation secrets with Starke Ayres. Nourish your garden, nourish your well-being! Read More on this
Uganda | 12 December 2023
West Nile strategic partnerships to the benefit of all
The West Nile region of Uganda has great agricultural potential yet to be realised. Starke Ayres is active in the region and has found forming strategic partnerships to be an ef... Read More on this
Onions | 12 December 2023
The value of patience in improving onion yields and quality
Over the past onion production cycle in the Northern Cape region of South Africa, trials were carried out on the effect of harvest timing on final yields. Read More on this
Lettuce | 7 December 2023
Starke Ayres enters the Multileaf Butterhead Market with Canagio and Rubagio
Starke Ayres enters the multileaf butterhead market with Canagio and Rubagio. Read More on this
Pepper | 29 November 2023
Thumbs up for Greenhouse Pepper Muleta
The well-known Tijssen family operates Wolwekrans Boerdery in Tarlton on the West Rand. Read More on this
Blog | 24 November 2023
Tips for Maximizing Flower Blooms: From Seed to Full Bloom
Unlock the secrets to vibrant flower blooms with Starke Ayres' premium seeds. Expert tips from seed to full bloom. Transform your garden today! Read More on this
Onions | 22 November 2023
Pros and cons of onion production in Zambia
Onions are essential in countless kitchens worldwide, and many Zambian growers consider planting the crop. As with any agricultural activity, onion production has its pros and c... Read More on this
Lettuce | 15 November 2023
Lettuce L670 punching back against Fusarium
Read More on this
Butternut | 6 November 2023
Melora butternut: Perfect for pre-packing
The market for medium-sized butternut fruit of high quality that can be packed into 3kg bags for supermarket sales is an important consideration for butternut growers. Read More on this
Blog | 31 October 2023
A Guide to Seed Storage and Maintenance for Farmers
Discover the key to crop success with our guide to proper seed storage and maintenance. Trust Starke Ayres for quality seeds and expert advice. Read More on this
Butternut | 31 October 2023
New butternut squash varieties for the Western Cape
The Western Cape province is one of the largest butternut production areas of South Africa. The market requirements are for high-quality fruit, good storage capacity and high yi... Read More on this