Home Gardening | 6 Apr 2021
Gardening is growing
Create the perfect escape from your home office this autumn with Starke Ayres Read More
26 Mar 2021
A tomato range for all farmers
The STARKE AYRES tomato range has something for every commercial farmer in South Africa. STARKE AYRES covers the whole range, from indeterminate round for the fresh market to de... Read More
24 Mar 2021
STAR 1105: Winter performer in Western Cape
With winter being a difficult season for most crops, STAR 1105 continues to grow in popularity among farmers who need a quick, strong-growing and high-yielding beetroot for wint... Read More
8 Mar 2021
Megastar on the rise in Border region
MEGASTAR’s introduction to the Border region of the Eastern Cape was well received as it had big shoes to fill to compete with the area’s top large-frame varieties. Read More
Onions | 3 Mar 2021
Onion Irati continues making waves in Zimbabwe
Following Ross Bingley’s achievement of 110 tonnes/ha comes a report from Gweru in the Zimbabwe Midlands that literally made waves in the Bulawayo Chronicle. Read More
Donations | 26 Feb 2021
Starke Ayres donates to #CYCLONEIDAI survivors
Intense Tropical Cyclone Idai was one of the worst tropical cyclones on record to affect Africa and the Southern Hemisphere. Read More
Nurseries | 19 Feb 2021
Growing success in Swaziland
In 1993, Swaziland’s Chris Vickery was growing turmeric. While on a trip to the USA to see the latest in drying technology for his herbs, he came across The Seedling Nursery, wh... Read More
Pumpkins | 17 Feb 2021
Cutting it fine with pumpkins
With late summer plantings there is always a danger of cold conditions setting in before full maturation of the crop. Read More
Cabbage | 10 Feb 2021
STAR 3316 shines in winter slot
STAR 3316 was sown on 30 April 2020 and transplanted on 3 June 2020 in the Brits area at Van Staden Qualigrow. Read More
Cabbage | 9 Feb 2021
Ruby King making its mark
The all-new big red cabbage adaptable for production right through the year, RUBY KING. Read More
27 Jan 2021
Cantaloupe melons for cool season production
STARKE AYRES has an extensive range of large-fruited cantaloupe varieties that are suitable for cool season production in frost-free growing areas. These were selected for the p... Read More
20 Jan 2021
Ruby Glace - Exciting replacement for Red Glace
Since its launch, RED GLACE has been a favourite with many growers, with its dark red colour and uniform leaves that separate with ease. But as time passes there is always a dem... Read More
Home Gardening | 19 Nov 2020
5 reasons why seeds may not germinate
In this article we will discuss five common hurdles you can encounter and provide some solutions that will ensure your veggie garden will be fully stocked this summer! Read More
Eco-Friendly | 8 Sep 2020
Starke Ayres – creating a safe haven for owls
In 2016, Starke Ayres established an owl-breeding programme on its farm that uses these birds of prey, instead of chemically hazardous methods, to help keep pests at bay. Read More
Home Gardening | 8 Aug 2020
Hydrocache: saving water, saving plants
The issue of water scarcity is becoming increasingly urgent around the world, amid changing climate and rainfall patterns. In fact, Read More
Research | 22 Jul 2020
Plant health research: key to food security
Maintaining plant health, and ongoing research to mitigate threats, are vital to ensure healthy crops and sufficient, sustainable food production to feed the growing world popul... Read More
Quality | 21 Jul 2020
ISTA accreditation – your passport to seed trade across borders
Seed testing assists in determining the quality of seeds by closely examining their health, genetics and germination capacity. The Starke Ayres seed testing laboratory is among ... Read More
Kenya | 4 May 2020
Starke Ayres in Kenya: hybrids and innovation are empowering small-scale growers
The seed-growing industry in Kenya is evolving dramatically. Small-scale growers now account for a much larger share of the country’s production, and enjoy far better yields sin... Read More
Eggplant | 23 Apr 2020
Violet Moon: an eggplant on the rise
The eggplant, also known as aubergine or brinjal (Solanum melongena) is a member of the family Solanaceae and, as such, is re... Read More
Beans | 23 Apr 2020
Exciting climbing bean varieties coming soon!
Starke Ayres offers a wide range of green beans ideal for various applications. The varieties are selected on merit for their disease tolerance, strong plant habits and high yie... Read More
Melon | 23 Apr 2020
Kinder – a new generation Galia melon
*Kinder is a new type of Galia melon with long shelf life that was launched recently for summer season production. The variety has exceptional eating quality and very firm flesh... Read More