Zimbabwe | 22 Dec 2021
Planning your all-year-round onion production for Zimbabwe with Starke Ayres varieties
Charter Seeds have been working towards all-year-round onion production in Zimbabwe for several years. Read More
Zambia | 22 Dec 2021
Starke Ayres hybrids penetrate small-scale markets in Zambia's Southern Province
A key strategic growth pillar for STARKE AYRES Zambia has been to educate small-scale farmers on the benefits of transitioning from growing open-pollinated vegetable seed variet... Read More
Kenya | 20 Dec 2021
Kenya explores prospective export market post-Brexit
Kenya is currently engaged in talks for a critical new bilateral trade deal with the United Kingdom post-Brexit in an attempt to bolster its economy after the East African Commu... Read More
Kenya | 15 Dec 2021
Builders Warehouse retail store in Kenya
Builders Warehouse launched its first East African store in the up-market suburb of Karen, in Nairobi, Kenya, in August 2020. Read More
Tomato | 8 Dec 2021
Climatic requirements for effective tomato growing
Temperature and available light are two of the most important factors when determining planting times. The following information is intended to help growers make correct decisio... Read More
International | 6 Dec 2021
Our international focus: How we're making a difference in Africa and beyond
When Charles Ayres established his nursery, florist and seed shop in Cape Town back in 1877, little did he know his business would become the foundation for a company that more ... Read More
Research | 1 Dec 2021
It's in our DNA - Part 1
As a supplier of quality seed, we know that many factors contribute to the successful growth and production of a crop. Read More
Cauliflower | 18 Nov 2021
KAMINO: The new summer cauliflower with superior quality
KAMINO (CF 955) is a new cauliflower variety with exceptional quality and high yielding potential for production through the summer months. Read More
Watermelon | 17 Nov 2021
New seedless watermelons have arrived
Over the past few years STARKE AYRES has evaluated several potential new triploid watermelon varieties for their performance in South Africa. Read More
Cucumber | 10 Nov 2021
Exciting new English cucumber variety: BELLO
STARKE AYRES is very excited to add a new variety called BELLO* to our English cucumber range. Read More
Sweet Corn | 3 Nov 2021
ODYSSEY becoming a market leader in the Western Cape
STARKE AYRES is known for excellent sweetcorn varieties and it was no surprise that ODYSSEY performed so well over the past two seasons in the Western Cape. Read More
Beans | 27 Oct 2021
STAR 2054 performs for KwaZulu-Natals' Umkomaas
Pat planted the STAR 2054 bean variety from April 2020 to September 2020 – it provided very good quality yields and proved to be popular on the market. Read More
20 Oct 2021
PFEIFFER making its mark in the Bosveld
Johan van der Linde of York Farms in the Ellisras area has planted PFEIFFER sweet peppers for the past two seasons as his main crop. Read More
Gem Squash | 12 Oct 2021
The PINNACLE of gem squash production
Gem squash is one of the crops produced on Mollshoop and the preferred variety is PINNACLE. Read More
Lettuce | 6 Oct 2021
Suntred: The new little gem lettuce to add colour to your range
With all the different lettuce types currently on the market, finding that ideal variety mix for your range can be daunting. With the launch of SUNTRED, choosing your red little... Read More
Uganda | 29 Sep 2021
Starke Ayres is now in Uganda
STARKE AYRES lovers and family in Uganda we have good news! We have opened our doors closer to you at our new depot at Mascor Building, Plot 72 -76, 6th Street, Indust... Read More
Cabbage | 22 Sep 2021
STAR 3316 triumphs yet again
Fred Bartels, a farmer in the New Hanover area of KwaZulu-Natal, has planted STAR 3316 for the past six years coming out of winter into summer. Read More
Kenya | 15 Sep 2021
New product developments in Kenya
New product development (NPD)/trials covers the complete process of bringing a new product to market, renewing an existing product or introducing a product in a new market. Read More
Zucchini | 8 Sep 2021
Everglade the exciting new zucchini variety for South African growers
Producing zucchini squash has become increasingly challenging over the years with higher demands for quality and rising disease pressure. Read More
Beans | 1 Sep 2021
STAR 2007 breaking the scale in KwaZulu-Natal
This February, farmers in the Weenen area of KwaZulu-Natal chose to plant the STARKE AYRES bean variety STAR 2007. Read More
Tomato | 25 Aug 2021
Miyon doing well in the Bosveld
Jaco Wagner from XDSL Trading was extremely happy with the MIYON he planted. Read More
Zimbabwe | 28 Jun 2021
Onion Storage in Zimbabwe
Onion storage is an integral part of onion production in Zimbabwe. Onions are an easy crop to produce in this country but are much more difficult to successfully market. Read More
Nurseries | 2 Jun 2021
Time to embrace professional nursery-raisers
When it comes to horticultural vegetable-growing, nursery management is a critical component determining the degree of success of any vegetable-farming venture. It doesn’t matte... Read More
Tomato | 26 May 2021
RENKA: Performance all the way to the top
RENKA is a new indeterminate hybrid, round tomato that performs very well under covered production systems on the Cape West Coast, as well as across South Africa. Read More