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Blog | 24 November 2023
Tips for Maximizing Flower Blooms: From Seed to Full Bloom
Unlock the secrets to vibrant flower blooms with Starke Ayres' premium seeds. Expert tips from seed to full bloom. Transform your garden today! Read More on this
Onions | 22 November 2023
Pros and cons of onion production in Zambia
Onions are essential in countless kitchens worldwide, and many Zambian growers consider planting the crop. As with any agricultural activity, onion production has its pros and c... Read More on this
Lettuce | 15 November 2023
Lettuce L670 punching back against Fusarium
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Butternut | 6 November 2023
Melora butternut: Perfect for pre-packing
The market for medium-sized butternut fruit of high quality that can be packed into 3kg bags for supermarket sales is an important consideration for butternut growers. Read More on this
Blog | 31 October 2023
A Guide to Seed Storage and Maintenance for Farmers
Discover the key to crop success with our guide to proper seed storage and maintenance. Trust Starke Ayres for quality seeds and expert advice. Read More on this
Butternut | 31 October 2023
New butternut squash varieties for the Western Cape
The Western Cape province is one of the largest butternut production areas of South Africa. The market requirements are for high-quality fruit, good storage capacity and high yi... Read More on this
25 October 2023
Yakuti – Attractive bulbs, easy to market!
Delity Hamapa is a seasoned farmer from Chingube village in Choma of the Southern Province of Zambia. Over the past 10 years, she has achieved consistent success with Starke Ayr... Read More on this
16 October 2023
Successful Soprano F1 hybrid carrot trials at Manoro, Kenya
The carrot market in Kenya and East Africa generally is 99% composed of open-pollinated varieties, mainly Nantes types. Read More on this
11 October 2023
Agritech Expo 2023: Stay ahead of the industry
The theme of Zambias’ Agritech 2023 was “Stay Ahead Of The Industry.” The event took place from 20 to 22 April and attracted over 19 000 farmers and agricultural professionals f... Read More on this
Butternut | 5 October 2023
Starke Ayres Butternut Range
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Tomato | 27 September 2023
STAR 9068 capture hearts in KZN
In the latest growing season the tomato variety STAR 9068 was widely planted across KZN in a difficult season. The region faces challenges, particularly pest and disease managem... Read More on this
Lettuce | 20 September 2023
Exciting New Red Multileaf Lettuce Prodigio
In response to changing market requirements, Starke Ayres is constantly adjusting the range of speciality lettuce offered to growers. The worldwide search for the best genetics ... Read More on this
Blog | 18 September 2023
Organic Farming with Our Vegetable Seeds: Nurturing Healthy, Chemical-Free Produce
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Carrots | 11 September 2023
Let the music play on
The new carrot variety Orchestro will definitely sound like music to all carrot growers. Starke Ayres has once again identified a new carrot variety with the potential to produc... Read More on this
Zambia | 5 September 2023
Shiba F1 Butternut: A profitable and healthy crop for Central Province, Zambia
Any grower looking for a profitable and nutritious crop for the upcoming season needs to look no further than Shiba F1 hybrid butternut squash. This crop is relatively easy to m... Read More on this
Namibia | 30 August 2023
Starke Ayres Namibia hosts Farmers’ Information Day
The north of Namibia is a vast, dry region, but it is also home to a group of dedicated vegetable producers. Starke Ayres has a strong interest in the area and hosted an informa... Read More on this
Blog | 25 August 2023
A Fascinating Journey through the Life Cycle of Vegetables with Starke Ayres
There is a lot that goes on to bring vegetables from farm to table. From planting to harvesting, learn about the journey of growing vegetables. Read More on this
Melon | 24 August 2023
Honey Sweet Melon Range
Starke Ayres’ proven and popular Honeydew melon range caters for production during all seasons. Read More on this
Onions | 8 August 2023
Reflecting on two contrasting onion seasons
What a difference a year makes. Rarely, if ever, have two consecutive onion seasons in the northern regions of South Africa contrasted more than those of 2021 and 2022. Read More on this
Kenya | 8 August 2023
Welcome to the Naivas Experience
Starke Ayres Kenya has partnered with the country’s largest supermarket chain, Naivas. The chain currently has 87 stores spread across the country and employs more than 8,000 st... Read More on this
Lettuce | 1 August 2023
Starke Ayres Specialty Lettuce Range
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19 July 2023
New varieties revealed at Central Region Onion Farmer's’ Day
Current commercial varieties as well as exciting new ones to be launched soon were showcased at an onion farmers’ day in November 2022, in the small town of Koffiefontein in Sou... Read More on this
19 July 2023
Vegetable breeding in South Africa – The Starke Ayres success story
Anybody who has successfully grown their own vegetables understands the effort inherent in cultivating a successful crop – it is hands-on and requires focus and attention. Read More on this
13 July 2023
Seed Treatment and Protection: Ensuring Healthy Seedlings
Seed quality is crucial when it comes to a vegetable garden that thrives. This blog will tell you more about seed treatment and why it matters for your garden. Read More on this