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Lettuce | 7 December 2023
Starke Ayres enters the Multileaf Butterhead Market with Canagio and Rubagio
Starke Ayres enters the multileaf butterhead market with Canagio and Rubagio. Read More on this
Lettuce | 15 November 2023
Lettuce L670 punching back against Fusarium
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Lettuce | 20 September 2023
Exciting New Red Multileaf Lettuce Prodigio
In response to changing market requirements, Starke Ayres is constantly adjusting the range of speciality lettuce offered to growers. The worldwide search for the best genetics ... Read More on this
Lettuce | 1 August 2023
Starke Ayres Specialty Lettuce Range
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Lettuce | 7 November 2022
High-density mechanical harvesting - the future of lettuce production?
With the demand for healthy, leafy greens on the rise and consumers becoming more health conscious, growing short-cycle crops such as speciality lettuce can become challenging. Read More on this
Lettuce | 2 November 2022
L670 punches back against Fusarium in KwaZulu-Natal
L670 impressed growers, with its uniformity and ideal head and frame size for their market. L670 is attractive for the local KwaZulu-Natal market owing to its size, which optima... Read More on this
Lettuce | 1 July 2022
Esky proves it can handle severe weather conditions
Esky, a large-framed mid-winter lettuce, showed great potential this year during the winter production in the eastern part of Namibia. Read More on this
Lettuce | 6 October 2021
Suntred: The new little gem lettuce to add colour to your range
With all the different lettuce types currently on the market, finding that ideal variety mix for your range can be daunting. With the launch of SUNTRED, choosing your red little... Read More on this
Lettuce | 21 April 2021
Lettuce and Thermodormancy
Lettuce is essentially a cool weather crop, making it the ideal crop for the winter season. Read More on this