Organic 3.1.5

Organic 3.1.5
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Organic 3.1.5

Reg. No. K4447 Act 36 of 1947
Fertiliser Group 1

Oragnic 3.1.5 is a natural blend of enriched organic fertiliser which promotes healthy root and plant growth and stimulates prolific fruit and flower development and provides essential nutrients to new and established plants.


Nitrogen - 50 g/kg

Phosphorous - 17 g/kg

Potassium - 83 g/kg


Oragnic 3.1.5 promotes healthy root and plant growth.


Roses and Flowering Shrubs:

  • Apply 150g evenly around each bush or shrub in early spring.
  • Rake in lightly.Water well.
  • Repeat every six weeks.

Flower and Vegetable Beds:

  • Apply 150g per square meter to well prepared beds.
  • Rake in lightly.
  • Water well.
  • Repeat every six weeks thereafter.

Fruit Trees:

  • Apply 500g per year of the age of the tree to a maximum of 4kg in the drip area of the tree.
  • Apply 1/3 in autumn and 2/3 in spring.
  • Water well after each application.