TurboGrass 10.1.5 (25)

TurboGrass 10.1.5 (25)
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TurboGrass 10.1.5 (25)

FOR EXTREME GREENING AND THICKENING, use TurboGrass for lush, thriving lawns

The basis of TurboGrass is KynoPlus, which is rich in nitrogen (urea with an innovative coating called Agrotain) By treating the Urea, the chance of volatilization and of fertilizer burn is limited. The ultimate advantage is that lawns look greener and stay greener for longer.

Phosphate enriched to strengthen roots and suppress weeds, and Potassium to ensure the hardiness of the plant. Constantly mowing one’s lawn and sweeping up the cuttings depletes potassium, which is replaced when TurboGrass is used.

Added benefits of secondary and micronutrients, especially magnesium, zinc and iron. Magnesium is found at the centre of the chlorophyll molecule, which is the factory of your plant. It is critical for the greening of leaves. The inclusion of Magnesium in TurboGrass ensures the extreme greening of lawns.

  • Start seeing results within one to two weeks
  • Innovative granular coating to prevent burning
  • 100% nutritional content
  • Phosphate to strengthen roots and suppress weeds
  • Added benefits of magnesium, zinc and iron for lasting greening
  • Water well after application
  • Available in 5kg and 10kg
  • Coverage: 5kg / 250m2, 10kg / 500m2