KynoVeg 2.3.4 (25)

KynoVeg 2.3.4 (25)
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KynoVeg 2.3.4 (25)

FOR A BURST OF FLAVOUR AND GOODNESS, USE KynoVeg for your home-grown vegetables and herbs

KynoVeg®, for homegrown edibles, is a complete range of elements essential for soil preparation just before planting.

It can be used when planting all different types of vegetables, leafy and fruiting crops.

It revitalises soil maximizes crop yield, and optimizes the nutrient value of produce with a full range of essential micronutrients.

  • Soil conditioner for planting and potting fruit and vegetables
  • For maximum crop yield and increased nutritional value
  • 100% essential micronutrients for optimal plant health
  • Water well before and after planting
  • Available in 5kg
  • Coverage 5kg / 250m2