Red Amaranth

Red Amaranth
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Red Amaranth

Vibrant red and green microgreens with mild, sweet flavour and crisp fresh texture.

How to grow microgreens:

Growing microgreens is easy. Use the bottom of a container and add a 2cm layer of potting soil or palm peat, patting level with your hand. Scatter the seeds evenly and cover them with a thin layer of soil or palm peat. Keep moist by using a water spray bottle. You can also cover with a plastic lid or use plastic wrap until the seeds have sprouted, which will take anything from 3 to 7 days. Once the seeds have sprouted, remove the cover, and continue to keep moist.

The microgreens are ready to harvest once the leaves have formed and the plants are approximately 4cm tall. Rinse your harvest and enjoy!

  • Germination: 3 to 4 days
  • Maturity: 8 to 12 days
  • Ideal conditions: All year variety, full sun