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Slender STAR

A widely adaptable, high-quality bunching onion.

• Early maturing type for prepacking and fresh market industry
• Single stem variety resulting in higher pack out
• Strong leaf attachment ensures highly attractive end product
• Dark green leaves contrast well with white shanks
• Resistance to Red Rust

Plant Characteristics
Plant Spacing: Optimal plant population is 2, 000 000 - 2, 500 000 plants/ha. Allow for in-row spacing of 20mm between
plants in the row. Inter-row spacing of 250 - 300mm between rows. For best results spring onions must be produced on
raised beds.

Variety Characteristics

Climatic Requirements: Soil temperatures for germination:
minimum: 10°C
optimum: 24°C
maximum: 35°C
Air temperatures for plant growth:
minimum: 12°C
optimum: 24°C

Soil Requirements: Sandy loam to loam soils with good drainage characteristics. Well drained and light textured soils
produce clean and well presented end product. Avoid soils with pH lower than 6 - nutrient uptake is affected at these pH
levels. Spring onions in general are sensitive to saline soils.

Nutrient Guidelines: N required / ton spring onions produced: 3.9 kg / ton product.
P required / ton spring onions produced: 0.7 kg / ton product.
K required / ton spring onions produced: 4.1 kg / ton product.
Apply Ca as CaNO₃ top-dressing during the initial growth of young plants. Apply micro nutrients as foliar feed or as
fertigation to plants. Do not over apply N as this may lead to quality problems with the end product.

Irrigation Guidelines: Keep soils moist, avoiding crust formation after planting to aid seedling emergence. Bunching
onions have shallow root systems - frequent irrigation if essential for the crop. Water required from planting to emergence
: 15 - 20 mm / week. Water required from emergence to seedling establishment: 20 - 25 mm / week. Water required from
seedling establishment to maturity: 25 - 35 mm / week.

Weed Control: Bunching onions compete poorly against weeds in field as they take a long time to form a canopy. Early field
cultivation will control most weeds, easing pressure on the growing crop. Mechanical cleaning of fields is not advisable as
this will cause damage to plants.