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STAR 3301

A fresh-market hybrid cabbage with excellent uniformity.

• Very high yield potential
• Excellent uniformity
• Early maturing with good holdability
• Adaptable to summer and winter conditions


A large headed hybrid cabbage variety for the fresh market.


Early to mid season maturity. Approximately 80 - 85 days from transplant to maturity in summer, 110 - 120 days in winter. Maturity will vary by as much as 5 - 10 days between late winter to mid summer plantings. Maturity is very uniform.

Plant Characteristics:

A medium to large plant that has an upright leaf habit. A plant population of 25,000 plants per ha is recommended for single head marketing, and 35,000 - 45,000 plants per ha for bags. Plant population will influence head size. For larger head size the plant population should be reduced to suit your needs.

Head Characteristics:

STAR 3301 has very firm globe shaped heads with an average head size of between 4 - 5 kg with an excellent flavour. The colour of STAR 3301 is grey-green to blue-green. Care should be taken not to let the crop mature past the optimal period to prevent splitting. STAR 3301 has a very high first cut percentage and good standability. In order to prevent a low first cut care should be taken to ensure that seedling transplant shock is minimized. STAR 3301 internal quality is excellent with a compact head and short core.

Disease Resistance:

Field observation show good general disease resistance.

Features & Benefits:

The combination of early maturity and vigorous homogenously emerging seedlings, contribute to the excellent uniform crop that STAR 3301 offers the grower.

Fertilization Guidelines:

This is a general guide, grower conditions vary and a soil analysis is highly recommended:
N: 150 to 200kg/ha. 70 to 90 kg/ha incorporated preplant.
Top dress the balance as follows:
Summer: 7,14 and 28 days after transplanting (no later).
Winter: 14,28 and 45 days from transplant (no later).
P: 50 kg/ha incorporated preplant. K: 120 kg/ha incorporate preplant.
Soil pH: 6 - 6,8.