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STAR 6603

The hot pepper hybrid that is highly adaptable for fresh or drying applications

• Very high yield potential
• Strong upright plants
• Attractive red coloured pods
• Excellent flavour and taste


Hot pepper hybrid highly adaptable for fresh market or drying applications.


STAR 6603 is medium maturing, approximately 75-85 days to first pick after transplanting in summer. The period to first pick can vary considerably between warm and cool season plantings.

Plant Characteristics:

STAR 6603 is a large, vigorous, thick stemmed and productive plant with a pendant habit which is easy to harvest. No plant support (stakes) is necessary.

Fruit Characteristics:

STAR 6603 have glossy, medium green fruit turning red when fully matured. The fruit pick with the stalk or pedicel attached, and has medium to thick fruit walls. Fruits are large tapered with medium pungency levels. Fruit size will vary between 7 - 10 cm in length x 10 - 13 mm in diameter at the crown. Pods weight between 5 - 7 grams. Wall thickness will be around 4 - 5 mm.

Plant Population:

A plant population of 25,000 - 35,000 plants per hectare is optimal. A “tramline” (double-row per bed) system, with a walkway of 1 m between every second row is advisable. Plants should have a 500 mm in-row and 600 mm between-row spacing.

Disease Resistance:

A general good field tolerance to leaf diseases could be expected.

Climate Requirements:

Hot peppers are frost susceptible and can be grown under a certain range of climatic conditions. These conditions can vary from moderate, cool climates to hotter, subtropical regions. It is important to note that even distribution of heat units is a key requirement for optimal production.

Features & Benefits:

STAR 6603 have over the years offered the hot pepper grower the opportunity to diversify by producing very high quality chilli’s that could either be used for fresh or drying purposes.