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An indeterminate cherry-type tomato hybrid with exceptional quality and taste

• Uniform ripening
• For production open field or under protection
• Unique disease resistance package
• 14-18g globe shape fruit


An indeterminate round cherry type tomato hybrid suited to greenhouse or open field production for the fresh or specialty markets.


Early maturing variety. In Summer plantings the first fruit will mature in 75 - 80 days after transplanting. The date of harvesting may vary by as much as 10 days between early and late season plantings. This needs to be taken into consideration when planning planting schedules under different growing conditions.

Plant Characteristics:

A strong vigorous plant with an open growth habit. This habit has a direct result in the reduction of spraying and production costs. Plant development is vigorous and very fast to the top of the trellising structure.

Fruit Characteristics:

SAMANTHA has very high quality globe shaped fruit with an average weight of 14 - 18 grams. Fruit size is very uniform with little fruit that are too small. It has very high brix readings, and is consistently one of the sweetest cherry cultivars in trials. Samantha has excellent shelf life and can be harvested as singles or cluster picking. Samantha has uniform ripening fruit that is carried on a very attractive herring-bone structure.

Plant Population:

SAMANTHA was selected for greenhouse production as a trellised type. Although highly recommended to be pruned, the variety could be grown un pruned. For optimal results, plants should be pruned to between 1 - 3 stems in open field production. Pruning will lead to earlier setting and better fruit uniformity. Attention should be given as not to prune too severely during summer for openfield production as foliage might be reduced and lead to possible sun burn damage.
Open Field: planting density should be 12,000 - 18,000 plants per hectare. The row spacing should not be less than 35cm between plants.
Under protection: the plants could either be trained to a single stem on a supporting string and then layered down, or pruned to two stems and stopped at the desired height. The planting density should be 2 - 3 plants / stems per m².

Disease Resistance:

HR: Verticillium Wilt (Va,Vd), Fusarium Wilt (Fol 1, 2), Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV)
IR: Root-knot Nematodes (Ma, Mi,Mj), Powdery Mildew (Lt), Bacterial Spec (Pst)

Features and Benefits:

Samantha has uniform ripening fruit with excellent colour and taste, making it very attractive to buyers and consumers. The open plant habit may lead to a reduction in spraying and production costs. It has the ability to keep size to the end of the plants life resulting in very large yields. Samantha has the ability to produce in excess of 20 fruits per truss.