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A semi determinate tomato hybrid with a combination of disease-resistance and outstanding fruit quality

• Very good fruit quality
• Keep fruit size
• Excellent flavour and taste
• Excellent disease resistant package
• Jointless - fruit pick without the calyx


A semi-determinate, long shelf life tomato hybrid suited to open-field production for the fresh market as a trellised type.


A medium maturing variety. In summer plantings the first fruit will mature in 80 - 85 days after transplanting. The date of harvesting may vary by as much as 10 days between early and late season plantings. This needs to be taken into consideration when planning planting schedules under different growing conditions.

Plant Characteristics:

A vigorous, dark green, highly disease resistant plant with a determinate growth habit. Plant height can vary between 1,4 - 1,7 m. At least 3 - 4 wires are necessary to trellis the plant effectively.

Fruit Characteristics:

MIYON has very high quality, deep oblate fruit with an average weight of between 150 - 170 g. MIYON fruit has the unique combination of long shelf life and a traditional flavour. Fruit colour is red to deep red; green shoulders may be present.

Plant Population:

A plant population of 15,000 - 18,000 should be used. In-row spacing should not be less than 35cm between plants.

Climate Requirements:

The earliest period for seedling establishment would be when the soil and air temperatures at least meet the minimum requirements for plant growth. The latest seedling establishment period would be after allowance has been made for the growth and harvest periods to be completed before adverse conditions sets in.
Establishment periods for main production areas:
1) Lowveld / Subtropical (frost free areas) – Feb to May.
2) Middleveld (moderate areas) – Sept to Dec.
3) Highveld (cold areas) – Oct to Nov
4) Western Cape – Oct to Dec. MIYON is highly adaptable to various climatic conditions, and can be grown throughout these periods.

Disease Resistance:

HR: Verticillium Wilt (Va, Vd), Fusarium Wilt (Fol 1, 2), Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV).
IR: Root-knot Nematodes (Ma, Mi, Mj) Powdery Mildew (Lt) Bacterial Wilt (Rs), Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV) Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TYLCV)

Features & Benefits:

MIYON provides the grower with a unique combination of excellent adaptability, stability and disease resistance. MIYON has a very high marketable yield potential with a high percentage of first grade fruit of attractive shape and size. MIYON keep its fruit size.